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Monday, 06 July 2015 Published in What is it
SciFY Academy

Direct Impact: 9000 People

Sharing #OpenKnowledge

We do not keep the knowledge just for ourselves.
We demonstrate how we did it. We share the source code as open source and open liecences.
We share the device designs, we communicate our research results, we organize trainings.

Knowledge, freely:


A series of initiatives we enthusiastically undertake to spread knowledge and cooperation. Presentations, conferences, hands-on sessions, workshops, etc.

Learn here how you can join Seminars

Knowledge Center 

We ensure that knowledge is shared effectively: We gathered in one place all the tools, presentations, articles, videos in order for everyone to have free access! 

Check the Knowledge Center here


Educational Projects

We develop projects and solutions to help educators and students to have access to quality and sustainable education, creating the conditions for a better society.

Check here the educational projects that we are developing

Educational Activites

We work with other agencies to free the knowledge. We participate in educational programs and we co-organize workshops and independent educational actions.

Check here our educational activities

Educational Games

Games are excellent learning tool. That is why we work with teachers, special educators, and children to develop educational games. We have already created educational games for blind children in 3 languages, games for people with brain paralysis, a platform that everyone can create an inclusive gaming and we go on! All of our projects are being used by organizations in both Greece and abroad.

Check the educational games that we have developed here


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