Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - AI is changing daily the way we work, looking for information, making our purchases ... Although it has recently become a "hot topic" of public debate, our view is that it is one more tool. This tool which is extremely useful and evolving must be used correctly and intelligently, with respect for the people.

This is what we are doing:


Free ΑΙ Solutions

Preparing citizens and businesspeople for AI

1,000+ students, citizens, scientists and businesspeople have attended SciFY’s educational events on AI. Through presentations and workshops we helped attendees:

Creating and publicly offering AI solutions

We developed NewSum, the world's first application to create automatic news summaries from many sources, we implemented it in two languages and offered it for free. Thousands of users use it daily for real-time pluralistic news coverage. NewSum technology is already being used by international news sites and applications such as
In collaboration with organizations such as the Bodossaki Foundation and NCSR "Demokritos" we developed other free AI resources such as a news portal for Civil Society organizations and content personalization technologies.

Digital Transformation using AI


Technology transfer of Research results

Helping business boost results with AI

We have successfully helped companies innovate with AI through a step by step process, in different sectors, including:

  • legal sector (legal documents clustering/annotation)
  • news industry (automatic news summarization)
  • consulting in human resources (personnel selection, business meetings analysis)

Using research results to create working solutions

We use research results to create working solutions: We develop innovative tools and run pilot projects (e.g. JedAI) - in collaboration with research institutes and universities such as Université PARIS 5, Athens University, NCSR "Demokritos" and Harokopio University - with applications for the analysis of open comments (Open Comments Analyzer), for sales contact gathering (Contact Harvester), etc.








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