Volunteer Evaluation System: A helper, for those who offer to society….

All Non For Profit Organizations understand pretty well how important is the offering of volunteers and how difficult it is to utilize them effectively. We invest a lot of time and effort, and the results usually are not satisfying. We want to be able to:

  • Optimize the selection and assignment process for actions
  • Utilize volunteers efficiently
  • Keep files with information about volunteers and their participation in actions
  • Evaluate them and learn what they think about us
  • Coordinate the action of various organizational levels
  • Supervize processes centrally 

So, we created a volunteer development platform and we offered it to everyone for free, as open source software. So that every organization can utilize their volunteers in the best possible way.
To achieve it, specifications were taken from many organizations (a large municipality and 5 NGO’s), so that even it’s first utilization would have the best result.

What it is


A platform helping volunteer utilization from the moment they express their interest to the time they will get assigned to actions.

Volunteasy Process 

Indicatively, VoluntEasy offers…

  • Recording interviews and selection process
  • Volunteer history follow-up
  • Volunteer search based on their skills for optimization of their use
  • Multiple action / organizational unit support
  • Automatic notification of the supervisors of the organizational units

and many more……

Who is it for

VoluntΕasy is ideal for:

  • Non For Profit Organizations
  • Institutions
  • Any public or private organization with volunteers that wants to optimize the use of it’s human resourses 


The project is ready for use and already it is being used by the Municipality of Athens and a large Non-For-Profit Organization in Greece. 

  • two major organizations from different sections utilize their volunteers much more effectively
  • hundreds of volunteers are activated in the best possible way
  • the code has been offered for free under open source licenses

Have a more detailed look here on how VoluntEasy can help Civil Society Organizations.

Want to see more about VoluntEasy? Click here

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