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EnSoEd: Innovative teacher training on social entrepreneurship


The EnSoEd project aims to support teachers in their efforts to continuous professional development in order to be able to offer and promote social entrepreneurship education.
The program will follow the European lifelong learning approach through the application of practical and innovative instruments and tools.


In order to help teachers to be able to offer Social Entrepreneurship Education to their students, we have set the following goals:

  • Strengthen the profile of the teaching professions and help them acquire a better and in-depth knowledge and become more active in the Social Entrepreneurship sector;
  • Disseminate understanding and promotion of social entrepreneurship competence in Europe;
  • Create transversal and European networks and infrastructures for the promotion of social entrepreneurship education;
  • Enforce the ‘social’ structure of the European economy, shedding lights on its benefits and added values at social, cultural and economic level;
  • Develop a conducive ecosystem that helps social enterprises to start, evolve and develop and are equipped with a proper social entrepreneurial spirit (rather than grant-oriented).


The tools that we will develop and offer for free to the trainers in order to be better educated in Social Entrepreneurship are:

  • Social entrepreneurship competences
  • Training programme for teachers
  • ToolKit on social entrepreneurship
  • Online learning platform

We are already working on the first tool and soon we will share here our first results.


We are sharing knowledge and good practices while working towards our goal with 8 other very valuable partners from all around Europe.

  1. Hellenic Management Association (Greece)
  2. Gheorghe Lazar National College (Romania)
  3. Dideas Formación (Spain)
  4. DIMITRA Educational Organisation (Greece)
  5. EFFEBI Association (Italy)
  6. Stichting Incubator (Netherlands)
  7. Technical Institute for Tourism Cristoforo Colombo (Italy)
  8. Emphasys Centre (Cyprus)

Project ID

Partners: Hellenic Management Association (Greece), Gheorghe Lazar National College (Romania), Dideas Formación (Spain), DIMITRA Educational Organisation (Greece), EFFEBI Association (Italy), Stichting Incubator (Netherlands), Technical Institute for Tourism Cristoforo Colombo (Italy), Emphasys Centre (Cyprus)
Duration: 09/2018-08/2021
Funding: The project is funded by Erasmus+, KA2, Strategic Partnership with Project n. 2018-1-IT02-KA201-048047.

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