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In every desk, we open a window to the whole world

 eDesk beta prototype

The problem: When students in a school have access to a computer linked to the Internet with the appropriate software, the horizon opened in front of their eyes is immense: they can discover, learn, interact, receive information... acquire knowledge and live experiences, through a unique way!

The problem is that not all schools have the possibility to offer their students such tools: most of the times cost sets a limit, especially in countries, regions or schools that face financial problems. Therefore, students are separated into two categories; the "privileged" and the "non-privileged"...

Our solution, freely offered with the construction designs and open source software: eDesk is actually a common desk with two integrated ultra-low-budget computers, made to be used in the classroom (and not only there).

The cost of the computers is so low, that it allows:

  1. Students to have limitless access to knowledge and new technologies, as well as to develop skills useful for their future.
  2. States/organizations with limited resources are able to offer an education of high standards.

We are thrilled to work on this project, doing our best to incorporate all the necessary characteristics that will make eDesk a useful, user-friendly, amusing tool that will enrich the learning process and return the light of creativity back to school life.


What it is

What is it?

  • It’s a student desk which carries two low cost table computers (less than €150 each). That way every student has the opportunity to use a computer in his or her own school desk.
  • It’s ideal for use in classrooms (but it may be used elsewhere too). It is designed with a focus on the students and the teachers.
Problems that solves/ Needs it fulfills What we achieved
Low cost ~ €145 each computer, for only one piece (no economies of scale in this price; it is only one piece!)
Low energy consumption
  • 5,5 - 6 W max at full load
  • Minimum energy consumption (3-4 hours autonomy with the use of a middle sized UPS in each classroom)
Tolerance in “hard” use (for example in classroom or in public) Vandal Proof case (hard use tolerant)
Designed for classroom use
  • It doesn’t cover the whole surface of the desk. There’s plenty of room left for books!
  • It can handle the “spontaneous nature” of students’ behavior and various “accidents” (such as fluids etc).
  • No danger at all for the users.
  • The user can connect to a network, to the teacher’s computer, to interactive boards or to the internet wirelessly or via cable (if wireless connection isn’t desired).
  • Completely quite.
  • Keyboard and mousepad can be moved but not removed! That way both right and left handed students are comfortable with its use and more space is gained.
  • It doesn’t get overheated even if the circumstances are not the best.
  • Enough processing power and RAM memory that fulfills easily every educational need.
  • Graphic card that supports HQ video.
  • Sufficient permanent memory and the option to extend it (although cloud storage is suggested)
Option to be used for other activities or even to change the specifications Possible to install almost anywhere (on a student desk (eDesk) or in a wall (infoKiosk).
Option of running many different operating systems based on Linux Option to run Android, Linux distributions (for ARM) or specified distributions such as Raspbian and/or SugarOS
Easy to install and maintain
  • It can be installed easily and safely by someone with basic tinkering skills, even into the existing desks and it can be opened for an effortless maintainance. But it cannot be uninstalled or opened without the special screwdriver.
  • Easy to change replacements


Who it is for

Designed for every school, especially those without enough resources (not every school can afford a tablet for each student!).

But for other uses too: Although at first it was designed as a computer for a student desk, eDesk is suitable for some other uses, such as a control center of a ‘smart house”, equipment of conference rooms or even as a simple, cheap personal computer. It can also be turned into an eKiosk (after the proper modifications) – a spot of interactive media, even in a public outdoor space.

Project ID

  • Duration: 12/2012-02/2014
  • Funding: Self-Funding

I want to support this project.


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