We strengthen the autonomy of people with limited mobility.                                                                                                                                                    

Change the channel on TV, turn up the volume on the radio, activate the air condition....
Simple, everyday activities, no-brainer. Right?
Not exactly. Not if you have mobility problems.
Actions that for most of us are so simple, for these people are very difficult and subsequently limit their self esteem.

This is why we created FeIRd
A device "as joystick", specially designed to be able to use everyday appliances by themselves:

  • To watch TV (to change the channel or the volume). 
  • To listen to music from the stereo. 
  • To regulate the temperature in the air-condition. 

To feel and be a little more independent.


What it is


FeIRd (For every InfraRed device) is a device that enables people who cannot use their fingers or fine-tune to control household appliances.

  • The device: Consists of a long lever (joystick), connected with a suitable remote control (universal remote control) that works via infrared (IR).

  • What it does:  FeIRd easily controlls the operation of any appliances that can accept commands from IR port, for example, television, air conditioning and stereo.

  • How it works: It is very easy to use, since it consists of a lever with cross movement and three large buttons. FeIRd does not require fine-tuning and also can be used even by foot. That way, people who can't use their fingers or can't use them to fine-tune, are able to control their household appliances.

  • How to set it up: FeIRd can be "trained" easily in 10 seconds to communicate with new appliances, to store the settings and be ready for use.

But it is something more, FeIRd is: Open Hardware

As in every SciFY project, a free a list of the required materials and tools will be provided for, the supply sources along with the cost, complete construction drawings and detailed instructions and videos for construction and assembling.

The new knowledge that may arise from this project will be shared. 

As an open hardware project allows everyone to build it on their own, to adapt it to their needs, to develop it, etc.

In order to benefit as many people as possible from our effort.


Who is it for?

The FeIRd primarily address:

To those who can not use their fingers or make delicate movements with them. In order to feel and be more independent.
To their relatives, who take care of them. In order to be able to spend more quality time with them.

And also:

  • In corresponding institutions for people with disabilities.
  • To companies that want to integrate similar projects in their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) actions.
  • To companies that operate in the field of people with disabilities.
  • To manufacturers of household appliances.
  • To hobbyists.

Anyone can use it, since we give for free the knowledge for its construction.




Direct Impact: 100+ People


We designed, manufactured and offered 100 FeIRd devices, free of charge to those in need.


We gave one half of those appliances to individuals and the other half to institutions and hospitals all around Greece so that many people could be helped out (multiplied effects). Indicatively we can mention ELEPAP (Attica, Thessaloniki, Volos, Agrinio, Chania), the PIKPA medical center and the Hellenic Association of Paraplegics.




The greatest reward for us is the thank you letters we receive from our friends. Indicatively we can mention Alexander who suffers from quadriplegia. His condition has even deprived him of being able to operate his own wheelchair. Alexander hasn't stopped calling us to thank us for the amazing gift he has received, as he says. This gift as he describes, has made his life easier and has provided him with something that is taken for granted from the rest of us: the freedom to move more independently. Apart from the above the FeIRd will also be used to help him learn how to operate his wheelchair.


Furthermore, one friend of ours, George, sent us the following message: "The device has helped me very much! I can control the TV and other devices that work with infrared with great ease, something that gives me great autonomy in this area" 


View FeIRd in action here

Project ID

  • Duration: 05/2013-03/2014 (First Version) & 04/2014-12/2014 (Second Version)
  • Funding: Self-Funfing (First Version) & Elpis & Bodossaki Foundation (Second Version) 

With the generous financial support of philanthropy advisors elpis and Bodossaki Foundation, we designed, constructed and distributed 100 FeIRd for free to those in need.


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