Assistive Technologies

Memor-i Studio: 8,000+ Beneficiaries & 5+ Organizations using it

You can build your own electronic games for blind children, event if you don't have any programming skills! No time for this? Try the other 30+ games here and here.

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LEAP: 14,000+ Beneficiaries & 5+ Organizations using it

3 Games, 3 Operating Systems, 3 Languages... Thousands of users! Try LEAP games here.

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Talk and Play: 950+ Beneficiaries & 4 Organizations using it

A system that allows people with disabilities to: communicate, be more independent during their leisure time, and receive training and exercise for rehabilitation.

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DiAnoia: 3,000+ Beneficiaries & 4 Organizations using it

ICSee: 16,000+ Beneficiaries

FeIRd: 100+ Beneficiaries & 20+ Organizations using it

A solution for people with oncoming dementia and their carers. Download here!

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Simple, Multiple filters for variety of impairments, Vocal Instructions. A tool for people with visual impairments.

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"The device has helped me very much! I can control the TV and other devices that work with infrared with great ease, something that gives me great autonomy in this area" George

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ICStudy: A Solution for Students with Vision Impairments 

Pilot Version

We developed a Software & Hardware Solution and we offered it as Open Source

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Q4ADHD: Assure Quality of VET of students with ADHD

Develop a European Quality Assurance Framework for VET and a concrete Toolkit for supporting VET providers in improving their VET offers ; assure that ADHD learners will enjoy quality training to become more employable

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Think Freedom: Giving more freedom to people with disabilities

Research Phase

The goal: To increase accessibility to the computer and other appliances to people with special needs, no matter what the needs are, so that they can be and feel as autonomous and free as they can be.

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