How we bring results

High Technology & AI Building Community Real Needs

We use leading information technology

We form a community  

We solve real life problems 

We utilize artificial intelligence top technology (machine learning, natural language analysis, computer vision etc.) to face challenges in clever ways.

From beginning to end we create powerful networks of partners (universities, research institutions, NGOs and companies) to develop new collaborative solutions. Always taking the end-user into account. We use the best everyone has to offer, to achieve the best possible result.

We investigate whether there is a real need. And we look into it very carefully. We intervene to address disability issues, e-democracy, to support civil society and provide smart tools to organizations.

Simply Free Knowledge Viability

We offer solutions for free 

We share knowledge freely

We help solutions become viable

So simple. Free for all.

We do not keep the knowledge just for ourselves. We explain what we did. We offer open-source codes, share the plans of the devices, communicate the results of our investigations and organize trainings. We share the knowledge for free.

Since we offer the knowledge and the solution of each problem for free, we enhance and urge the community to proceed without us, in order to produce results with duration and impact on society.




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